Bangla Desh - What Is Life / My Sweet Lord

Apple 4C006 05095
by George Harrison
mid 1972


A-side :

Bangla Desh (Harrison)3:52
What Is Life (Harrison)4:18
matrix nr : 5C006-05095 A ///D.17627-1-Y-9

B-side :


My Sweet Lord (Harrison)4:39
matrix nr : 545-47403///4.491-1/Y

A strange release, also available in Holland as a Dutch pressing, which may explain the 5C006-prefix in the A-side matrix number.
It was most probably released to tie in with the release of the Concert For Bangla Desh film with George Harrison in the foreground as organiser and performer.
But the songs are the studio versions from the All Things Must Pass LP, not the live versions from the film soundtrack.